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            1.   Dalian Dalian Lianmei Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded October, 1997. Lianmei's main business is the manufacture and sales of investment casting and machining, heat treatment and assembly per customer requirements. We are located at Guangningsi, Ershilipu, Jinzhou, Dalian, P.R.C. The present site of the company was built in 2004 and the registered capital was 30,000,000RMB (3,627,570 USD); the facility is 20,670 square meters and there are more than 290 employees.
              70% of the products produced are exported to multi national companies. Our customers are located in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France and Germany. Lianmei Machinery is one of the largest-scale investment casting company in China, our products mainly supply the Agricultural, Diesel Engine, Transmission.
              Our staff is very experienced in the industry and capable of the communication necessary to conduct a flawless partnership with international companies. Our strategy is to be a world class supplier to world class customers that provide the best quality, delivery and best price possible.
                 Dalian Lianmei Machinery is very employee safety and environment conscience. We continue to improve 5S and lean techniques for the production efficiencies and working environment of our employees. After all, that is what world class companies do.

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